Vintage Travel Essentials

November 25, 2017

Vintage Travel Essentials

A taste for vintage

In our fast-paced world, at the bleeding edge of tech and with all its modern conveniences, there is an increasing demand for products, places and experiences that harken back to an earlier, simpler time. Hence the huge resurgence in vintage everything, from room decor to wedding styles to web fonts! And products like accessories and apparel are no exception. There is a certain nostalgic element in a weathered piece, handmade item or original, rustic materials that people are drawn to, and using a material like an antiqued leather fits the bill.

Custom imprint your piece

    It's nice to put your own personal stamp on something. It took a while to figure out how to do this logistically but we finally have rolled out custom imprinting most of our bags. We can do up to 3 capitalized initials, which seems pretty standard. It's fun to see this rolled out as it's been one of our biggest requests over the years. Hopefully your bag will be around long enough that another generation can enjoy as much as you did. 


    How a piece changes over time

    The Officer Belt, for example, is the first in a series of belts we hope to launch this year. An 1.5" roller buckle belt is a staple for most men and can be used in just about any scenario. We've done a few color options on the belt. A rich tan, black, and a natural. The natural is interesting as it is nearly white in the beginning. We've been wearing one for about 7 months and the change in it is remarkable. Its still lighter than the standard tan, but has settled into a very warm color with different variations. Its definitely our favorite!